I have been involved with Martial Arts since 1986.  I first trained in Kyokushin Karate under Shihan Eddie Emin.  Shihan Eddie is a living Karate legend and one of the few Australian instructors to have personally trained under and Graded with the founder of Kyokushin Karate, Mas Oyama.

Kyokushin Karate is widely recognised as the hardest style of Karate and at 14 years old it was the experience of a lifetime during my time at Kyokushin Karate. I was fortunate enough to train alongside Judd Reid- Shihan Judd is the only Australian Kareteka to have completed the 100 man Kumite.

Along with Kyokushin Karate, I have experience in other Karate styles as well.

I was 14 years old the first time I walked into the East St. Kilda Kyokushin Karate Dojo. The training hall was cold, damp and the floor was putrid.  That's where I first learnt to clean a floor (very well).  It had to be swept twice and then mopped. A great warm up before class!

Shihan Eddie Emin was a fantastic role model and was like a second father to me growing up.  Not only did he teach me Kyokushin Karate but he also taught me about what I now know to be Bushido and what it really stood for.  I am forever grateful to this man.

My early working life was heavily involved in the security industry working at various clubs, pubs and major shopping centres including Chadstone.

In 1996 I was successful in gaining entry into the Victoria Police Force and graduated from the Police Academy in November that same year.  I was stationed at the Oakleigh Police Station and through my work in the Police Force gained first hand insights into crime, violence and serious assault within the community. This along with my earlier security experience had a tremendous impact on my understanding of practical Self Defence and its application in the Martial Arts.

As a result of my experience, much of my Martial Arts training has been reality based. I believe that an essential component of any Martial Arts training must be reality based and must incorporate practical Self Defence skills.

Now, a number of years later I have established Shuzoku Martial Arts school.  Shuzoku means one family moving forward; having trained in a number of different Karate styles it is my experience that all Karate is of one family. The style of Karate I teach at Shuzoku Martial Arts is Shin Yu Do – ‘The way of true strength and courage’.

The modern day father of Karate, Gichin Funakoshi, is reported to have said ‘there are no styles of Karate, there is only Karate’. I believe that there is no better Self Defence system than hard, honest Karate trained properly.

The training and syllabus for Shin Yu Do Karate at Shuzoku Martial Arts is dedicated to providing effective Karate based training that has at its core a reality based Martial Arts system which will enable students, children and adults alike, to attain confidence, improved fitness and self-esteem and above all the ability to defend themselves in any situation.

My life experience in security and my personal Martial Arts experience has enabled me to construct and deliver a syllabus that I believe will meet the needs of any prospective student in a safe and structured environment.

My family, my wife, Narelle, and sons, Benjamin and Mitchell, all play an active part in the Shuzoku family and all train at the Dojo on a regular basis. My eldest son, Ben, assists with training and instruction of students. As an active Karateka, Ben has competed a number of times over the past couple of years achieving much success.

Welcome to Shuzoku!


NB: Sensei Tom has his Bronze NCAS Certificate, Certificate 3 & 4 in Fitness, Level 1 ICS Instructor, Level 2 First Aid and his Working With Children Check





I started Karate when I was 5yo in a school gymnasium in Berwick.  I remember Karate getting pretty hard after a few years and I wanted to quit but Mum helped me focus on a goal and kept me motivated.

I have now been training for 12 years and I love it.  I am so glad I persevered as I have learnt so much, not just about Karate but also about myself on this amazing journey.  I have learnt that you can achieve anything with the right mindset.  In November 2013, when I was Grading for my Shodan, I proved this.  I kept my mind in the right head space and kept plugging away, minute by minute until 4 hours later, I was awarded the most amazing prize of all- my black belt.  When I look back at my Grading, I still have trouble believing that I found such strength and determination to get through the day.  But I did and now I will let nothing ever stand in the way of achieving the things I want to achieve.

I have entered many Tournaments over the years, with several State Title wins in Kumite and Kata and have represented Victoria in the Victorian State Karate Team in Kata for the past three years.

I am an Assistant Instructor in many of the children’s classes at Shuzoku Dojo and I really enjoy helping the young ones with their kicks and punches.  I love seeing them improve week by week.  Some kids have come so far and I am really proud of what they have achieved.

One day I may be the Head Instructor of Shuzoku Dojo.






My name is Brett Robinson and I am 55 yo and married with two beautiful children.

I started my Martial Arts journey as a young boy involved in Judo with my brothers.   The training was hard but fun.  Although my training was short lived I still remember getting on the mats with my brothers and rolling around, throwing each other across the floor.

In 2006 my children showed an interest in Karate so I took them along to an Open Day at a local Karate Club in Cranbourne. My kids joined on the day and I watched for a little while, but it wasn’t long before I started thinking that perhaps I could do this as well so I joined myself up too.  I loved training with my kids, however as they got older, their interests took another direction and I found myself continuing on with Karate while they tried other things. I was really enjoying the training.

After years of training, I decided that reaching the goal of Black Belt was not completely out of the question and in November 2013 I achieved that Shodan rank under the guidance of Sensei Tom of Shin Yu Do Karate at the Shuzoku Martial Arts Dojo.  I have trained under Sensei Tom for nearly 3 years now and I have become an integral part of the club. 

The atmosphere at Shuzoku Dojo is great and it is a credit to all the students on how the club is.  I don’t see myself slowing down at all now.  The Black Belt was a goal that I have now achieved so now it is time to focus on the next goal.





I started my Martial Arts journey at 6yo and have loved it ever since.  There have been many hard times since but my dedication and determination have seen me stick it out.  I am currently on my Shodan HO Black Belt am working towards achieving my full Black Belt.

I didn’t start my Karate training with Shuzoku, however I still knew and trained with Sensei Tom over the past four years.  I transferred over to Shuzoku as a student in April 2014 and have learnt many new skills, including Tameshiwari.  Karate has taught me many things including confidence, courage, loyalty and respect.

I have competed in many Tournaments over the years, with 1 Australian Title and several State Titles in both Kata and Kumite. I also love helping in the kids’ classes, encouraging them to grow in their own Martial Arts journey by learning new things and gaining confidence.

Thanks to my love of Karate, I got into the Sports Academy and with the support and dedication I have received from Sensei Tom, I achieved the Year 7 Sports Award for Outstanding Achievement.

Sensei has a great teaching style, making it a fun and friendly environment to learn in.  The other members are very friendly and supportive of each other.

I consider myself lucky to be training at Shuzoku Dojo under Sensei Tom, while making lifelong friends whilst doing something I enjoy.





I commenced my Martial Arts journey when I was around 20yo with Ryukyu Kempo Karate, training 5 days a week.  Then life and other interests took over until 2007 when I got back into Martial Arts through Shukokai Karate and Kendo and enjoyed the training immensely.  In 2011, after a 4 hour Grading, I was awarded my Shodan Ho with Shukokai. Unfortunately just 2 years later, I was forced to take a break after sustaining a back injury.

At the beginning of 2016, I attended an Open Day at Shuzoku Martial Arts and ended up joining myself and my 4yo boy up.

I was immediately inspired by Sensei Tom and was really looking forward to starting my training again with Shuzoku.  I enjoy every minute of training with Shuzoku and look forward to what the future holds.





My involvement with Martial Arts started later in life.  As a father of 2 boys, I saw Karate as an opportunity for my eldest son, then 8yo, to gain some of the discipline and respect that traditional Martial Artists are regarded for.  On attending an Open Day at our local Dojo, I learnt of a mixed adult/children class running on Saturday mornings and signed up my two boys and myself with the intention of training together as a family.

Following changes in my marriage, I faced many personal challenges and the Dojo became my second home and the instructors and fellow students became my extended family.  As a result, my own training increased and I began my own personal Karate journey, discovering physical and mental strengths within me that I was unaware of.

After transferring my training to Shuzoku Dojo under the teachings of Sensei Tom McMahon, I finally realised I was gaining the discipline and respect I had sought for my children, teaching me that Karate-do is not simply a range of techniques we try to master in the Dojo, but it is a way of life, teaching us values and morals we use outside the Dojo every day.

 I still find great pleasure training with my sons when I can and am proud that my boys and I remain students of Sensei Tom.  It is an honour to be a Sempai at Shuzoku and my commitment is to always strive to reflect the values and morals of Shin Yu Do 'The Way of True Strength and Courage' and Shuzoku 'family moving forward'

I give my respect to all who choose to join us, regardless of age or background and look forward to seeing you in the Dojo.




1st Kyu


I started Karate at Shuzoku Dojo in 2011 ago when we trained from a small Community Hall in Webb St after attending the Open Day.

The first day I walked in for training, I was really inspired with the way Sensei Tom conducted the training session. After finishing the first lesson, I was already looking forward to the next training session. Since then, I have been a senior student and I am currently on my brown belt.  And still, every time I walk out of the Dojo, I am always looking forward to the next training session.

There were few reasons I started learning Karate such as for Self-Defence, Fitness, Confidence and Discipline. Today, I can proudly say that I have fulfilled all of the reasons of why I started as well as helping others achieve their goals. Karate has become part of my lifestyle. I now look at my everyday life differently. This has also made a huge positive difference within myself, my family and friends.

I never would have imagined competing in Tournaments and to date I have competed in many Karate competitions, winning both State and Australian Titles. Winning a title or a trophy does not help you find who you are, however doing things you never thought you were capable of will, as well as helping you to gain confidence and major core values that I apply in life.

With Karate in my life, I have improved my fitness level and lost over 30kg.  I have found all the elements I need to push me through my boundaries and the endless amounts of support from all. Currently I am using Karate not just as self-defence tool, but also to maintain my fitness levels for many other non-Karate related competitions. I have found that Karate can make a huge impact on everyone’s everyday lifestyle in many different ways.

I have definitely found The Way of True Strength and Courage at Shuzoku Dojo and I look forward to learning more and applying it to my daily life.



1st Kyu


Hi my name is Jim, I’m 43 years old, married with 2 sons who also train at Shuzoku Martial Arts. I first had an interest in Martial Arts at a young age and trained Zen Do Kai for around 3 years. Due to my family moving, I reluctantly left and took up other interests.

As I grew older I ended up racing cars for many years and with the long hours I was working, returning to Martial Arts was never a possibility. I gradually become quite unfit with my life style choices and felt that I needed to make some major changes.

My eldest son started Karate in 2007 and my youngest in 2009.  They both inspired me to restart my Martial Arts training mid 2011. My aim was to get fit and to regain my self-esteem and self-confidence, while doing something I enjoyed.

Since I have returned to training, my fitness, confidence and my relationship with my family have improved. This has enabled me to challenge myself doing activities such as Tough Mudder twice, regular physical outdoor activities with the family and competing in Karate tournaments. These are things I never thought I would achieve at this stage of my life.

Training under Sensei Tom has been an inspiration.  He has shown support, guidance and friendship toward me and my family. He’s renewed my drive and passion for Martial Arts and by him sharing his knowledge and his unique training style, it has made me strive for better things in my life and my Martial Arts journey.

What truly inspires me though, is the support and family atmosphere given and shown by all the instructors, students and families involved at Shuzoku Martial Arts



1st Kyu


I was never going to be a Karate student.  I watched my husband and my two children train for years until one day I gave into the pressure and thought "why not"?  Then, I was never interested in Grading for belts, I was only going to do Karate for its health and fitness benefits.  Well here I am 7 Gradings later as a 2nd Kyu Brown Belt and very much enjoying my Karate journey to date.  Why did I not do this earlier in life??

It wasn't (and still isn't!) easy!  Being an older woman, a wife, a mum and a business owner presents many obstacles.  The mind does not always remember the things I am meant to remember and the body does not always go the way I want it to go! But I press on, because I know I am so much stronger, fitter and more capable than I was pre-Karate.  And it's a great challenge too. 

At Shuzoku Martial Arts, there really are some truly remarkable souls- children, men and women- who inspire me to be better, to do better and to not settle for anything less than I am worthy of.  Thank you to you all.



1st Kyu


My name is Trevor and I am over 60 years old and the oldest training member at Shuzoku Martial Arts.

I joined Shuzoku Martial Arts in January 2012, after asking Sensei Tom if he thought I could do Karate, or if I was too old.  He told me he believed anyone could do it, and that started my journey. My son also trains at Shuzoku Martial Arts which was another excuse to join. From there I bought my Dogi (Karate uniform) put on my white belt and started my first lesson at the bottom of the line. I am currently a brown belt and proud to be in the front row, and I am now just learning to assist in the kids' classes.  

On joining, my diabetes was right out of control and I suffered from pins and needles in my feet due to this disease. My flexibility was extremely poor, too. About a year after starting Karate, I noticed that the pins and needles were almost non existent and my flexibility had improved two fold.

Karate has helped me inside and outside the Dojo and with my everyday decisions.  I run my own business and raise my two children on my own. My mental strength is a result of the positive training we are given and the positive people that train us and train with me. Yes, my mental and physical being is continually pushed in training, but that’s what makes me a stronger person.



1st Kyu


I started my Martial Arts journey with Mr Shin and Tang Soo Do as a 6yo in a cold, dusty, timber floored church.  I trained anywhere up to 6 days a week well into my teens and competed in many Tournaments, with varying levels of success.  When we moved to the other side of town sadly we lost contact however my father's Judo training helped me keep the love of Martial Arts.

My Martial Arts journey also includes Zen Do Kai, Tai Kwon Do, Shu Ko Kai and I now train with two of my three sons with Hoshiki Kiritsu and Shihan Matt Charnley in the Eastern suburbs and hold the rank of Shodan HO and with Shuzoku Martial Arts and Sensei Tom in the South East suburbs. I recently obtained the rank of 2nd Kyu with Shuzoku Martial Arts and endured my toughest Grading to date, which will assist me in furthering my training and knowledge under the guidance of Sensei Tom.  I look forward to being a part of this amazing group of Karateka for many years to come. Osu!



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